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Grand Nez,

Fonded in 2019 in Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne), Du Grand Nez produces premium organics gins, offering rich flavours and emotions.

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Grand Nez,

Do you know that the container of a gin is not named bottle anymore but flask ?

Flavors and aromas are now to spirits what perfumes are to elegance. Subtile or typical, delicate or strong, in a short breath they take us in an wide imaginery full of sensuality and emotions.

Once seduced by the nose, the trip continues in the mouth. The richness of flavors permeate the taste buds offering long pleasure in the mouth.

Henri IV Distillerie Du Grand Nez Producteur Gin Bio Français

Henri IV,


​This emblematic figure of the pretty city of Nérac who welcomed us, embodied the France of elegance, gastronomy and moreover, proudly wore a developed nasal appendix, symbol of the omnipotence of the Bourbons.

The name of Du Grand Nez is therefore no coincidence!

Gin Attribut 2 of Du Grand Nez Spirits Producer Gin Organic French


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Du Grand Nez gins are designed by Anne-Hélène Vialaneix, founder and distiller. 

It is the organic and the good that have been the backbone of the design of each Attribut. With an ambition: to make gins that can be enjoyed alone or in subtle cocktails. 

Du Grand Nez Spirits ,Organics Gins
La boutique de la distillerie Du Grand Nez Producteur Gin Bio Français
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