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The Women Touch of Du Grand Nez Spirits

"Born in a family mixing farmers and teachers, I never stop investigating how vegetals and humans are connected.

Discover the founder professionnal path !"

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Anne-Hélène Vialaneix Distiller and Founder of  Du Grand Nez Spirits, Gin Bio French.JPG
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Alambic of Du Grand Nez Spirits French Organic Gin Producer
Henri VI Figure of Du Grand Nez Production Gin Bio French.png

An atypical career path,


To make a gin attractive, you need a nose. A big nose. Like that of Henri IV in the engravings and paintings that adorn the castle of the small town of Nérac, sub-prefecture of Lot-et-Garonne. In its time, it hosted the Cour du Vert Galant, still synonymous today with good taste, gastronomy and celebration. The large nose is also a sensitivity to fragrances, sometimes subtle aromas, always harmonious.

It did not take more for Anne-Hélène Vialaneix to name her structure "Du Grand Nez", fruit of her history and her convictions.

Creator & distiller, 

“Born in a family mixing farmers and teachers, since my chilhood I wanted to understand the complex functionning of both humans and vegetals. After two years in medicin, and considerring phamaceutical too far from the heart of life, I decided to devote myself to the vegetal world.


I thus went to Montpelier to learn the physiology of vegetal, then to Paris in order to follow two engineering courses in parallel: Agronomy and Innovation, Quality of environment and Production of vegetal.


After my first professional experience as a Project Manager in North Africa and Middle East, I choosed to meet my husband in Portugal. I discovered there the infinite range of flavours that the gin provides, and which you can taste in many specialized bars as well as wedding and other festive events. The sead was sown, I knew it would grow soon !


When I came back to France, I took advantage of my second son birth to obtain the National Diploma of Oenology which allowed me to work in a “Côtes de Gascogne” wine domain where I could learn how to master the complexity of wine and spirit creation.

Thanks to this wide span of both theoretical and very practical experiments I decided to create my own family of artisanal, biological and eco-responsible gins. Du Grand Nez was created end of 2019 with the start of production of our first Attributs !”


Anne-Hélène Vialaneix founder of the Du Grand Nez Spirits French Organic Gin Producer
Glasses of Gins Du Grand Nez Producer French Organic Gin
Gin Attribut No. 3 of Du Grand Nez Spirits Producer Organic French Gin

Du Grand Nez,

L’ensemble du Lot-et-Garonne devient le terrain de jeu, pour rechercher des inspirations pour de nouveaux gins aromatiques et biologiques. 


Au fur et à mesure de la naissance des Attributs du Grand Nez, des producteurs sont mis dans la boucle. De la pomme au kiwi, en passant par la truffe, les meilleurs ingrédients se glissent dans chacun des gins de la Du Grand Nez Spirits. 


Des gins conçus pour les fins palais, au point qu’aujourd’hui, des grands noms de la cuisine commencent à les associer à leurs recettes, c'est alors que né le concept de

Ginstronomy, concept of the Grand Nez Spirits
La boutique de la distillerie Du Grand Nez Producteur Gin Bio Français
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